Vengroff Williams is a full service healthcare subrogation BPO provider. Our expert staff of attorneys and paralegals are equipped with the proprietary technology, algorithms and real-world expertise needed to effectively reduce your company’s liability and set new subrogation recovery goals. We treat each individual with a claim as family, exercising empathy and support to help see them through a difficult situation. Your people and reputation are too valuable to risk with anything less.


For more than 50 years, Vengroff Williams has redefined what is possible in the asset management industry. Our Healthcare Subrogation division is no exception. We offer comprehensive healthcare subrogation programs to large corporate clients with self-funded ERISA-based health plans. These programs use state-of-the-art claims identification routines coupled with personal contact with the injured party for the most comprehensive investigation of claims in the industry. With an extensive valued client-base of Fortune 100 companies and hundreds of millions of dollars in pending subrogation claims, Vengroff Williams ranks as one of the largest and most successful subrogation firms in the country.



Never lose sight that a subrogation claim is about a person who has been affected by the incident. One of your employees, or their dependents, has experienced a trauma… [more]



Utilizing the latest in RPA, AI, data analytics, and modern technology, Vengroff Williams considerately pairs our industry experts with the powerful resources needed to amplify results… [more]



It is not uncommon for some claims to remain active for years before settling. Maintaining continuity over the long haul ensures your organization is positioned to benefit. Continuity… [more]



Vengroff Williams employs a skilled staff of attorneys and paralegals that are thorough in their approach and experienced at managing every stage of healthcare subrogation… [more]



History of Integrity

Since 1964 Vengroff Williams has been a thought leader providing specialized solutions for the insurance industry.

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