Powerful in-house legal representation

Vengroff Williams employs a skilled staff of attorneys and paralegals who are thorough in their approach and experienced at managing every stage of healthcare subrogation, from initial identification to final recovery.

Subrogation claims are a legal matter. As a key part of our service, Vengroff Williams will review and recommend revisions as necessary to keep your plan language current. Your health plan subrogation language is the single most important item in establishing your rights of recovery for the plan. Vengroff Williams attorneys are well-versed in ERISA, State and Federal law, and we proactively follow the continuing court rulings that affect your plan. This assures you the strongest rights in negotiating settlements.

Vengroff Williams identifies your claim, and our experienced team of attorneys and paralegals places lien notices on all involved parties to protect you from premature distribution of funds. We provide itemized lists of claims to the appropriate parties, intervene in lawsuits where required and collect all funds on your behalf.

Using attorneys to negotiate settlements, Vengroff Williams can defeat most of the common arguments used to avoid appropriate repayments to the health plan. Plaintiffs’ attorneys are forever attempting to avoid repayment, however, Vengroff Williams has the endurance and the expertise to successfully advocate for your plan no matter how long it takes. We understand how to maximize your recoveries by navigating through the intricacies of claimant protections and the continually changing legal environment.

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