Compassion and respect for your people


We never lose sight that a subrogation claim is about a person who has been affected by the incident. One of your employees, or one of their dependents, has experienced a trauma. Our approach is to minimize the strain on the people who are already burdened. Our well-trained and emotionally intelligent team reaches out to your members personally with courtesy and respect for their situation. We go beyond simple, impersonal methods of communication, such as letters, by attempting contact with an authentic voice, reaching out by phone, identifying with your member on a personal level, providing the employee with an easy alternative to filling out forms and responding by mail. We greet your people with the emotional acumen needed to respectfully guide the call towards a positive outcome and help the members and dependents to smoothly navigate the path to recovery.

This not only provides a more thorough method of identifying potential claims, it also dramatically increases the response from your members.

Our focus is to identify all potential claims with minimum intrusion while keeping the employee’s welfare in mind at all times.

As an extension of your company, we will maintain the high standards of your corporate culture and philosophy. We will follow your company’s values regarding the employee experience and settlements. When unique situations arise, we will consult your Benefits Liaison before proceeding.

The Human Touch. Client and Employee Satisfaction are priority #1.

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