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Utilizing the latest in data analytics and modern technology, Vengroff Williams considerately pairs our industry experts with the powerful resources needed to amplify results. Never losing sight of the long-term, the Vengroff Williams signature “human touch” is always present throughout the employee- and customer-facing delivery processes. We ensure a level of compassion and empathy, two key elements absent from overly automated churn-and-burn-style operations that solely focus on short-term gains, costing your organization in the long run.

Your people and reputation are too valuable to risk. Vengroff Williams Intelligent Healthcare Subrogation services provide the quintessential balance needed to sustainably deliver real performance over the long-term.

Superior Processes

  • Leveraging decades of earned intellectual capital, Vengroff Williams has created a true turn-key Healthcare Subrogation experience. Our clients enjoy the most streamlined Healthcare Subrogation process available today, capable of full implementation in as little as 30 days from contracting.
  • Proprietary Intelligent Healthcare Subrogation sort routines identify the widest range of possible subrogation claims while limiting the number of unnecessary inquiries to your employees, virtually eliminating nuisance inquiries altogether, permitting our experts to focus where you need them most.
  • Purpose-built communication and telephony systems are synced with extensive databases, providing layers of compliance and efficacy identifying right-party contacts and centering our attention on clear communication directly with the member.

True Transparency

Track your claims from start to finish while capturing every contact along the way. Whether it is a phone call, letter or fax, to or from your member, insurance company or attorney, the status of each claims is documented and reported in the most professional manner.

Data Security

Vengroff Williams's systems and processes are built from the ground up with security and compliance at the forefront. Technically sophisticated protections are maintained to help keep your data safe and keep your mind at ease. Industry top encryption guards data in transfer, at rest and in backup. Vengroff Williams is fully HIPAA compliant and maintains current SSAE16 attestation.

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