Is Your Health Plan Leaking Revenue?

What is Revenue Leakage? Defined: Revenue Leakage is the unintended and unnoticed loss of revenue from an organization. Leaking revenue can occur through expenditures such as overpayments, duplicate payments and other instances where there is a responsible party who is not being pursued. Revenue Leakage also occurs from under-billing on the AR side of an organization. Is… Read more »

4 Tips From a Subrogation Attorney on Plaintiff Counsel Negotiation of ERISA Claims

In my time as a subrogation attorney, I have felt the prevailing sentiment that negotiating ERISA claims and ERISA liens in general is a source of great frustration and dismay for personal injury counsel.  One reason the ERISA statute is in place is to protect self-insured, self-funded insurance plans, as well as ultimately keeping premiums… Read more »

How Do In-House Subrogation Attorneys Benefit Recovery Results?

Subrogation Attorneys and the Alignment of Incentives  A sensible business model in which subrogation attorneys are employed in-house aligns the incentives of the attorney with those of the subrogation provider.  This in turn maximizes returns to the subrogation providers clients, due largely to the creation of a symbiotic relationship between service supply chain and the… Read more »