Compassionate Subrogation Claims Handling

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Compassion and respect for your people

Handshake iconAt Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation, we prioritize empathy and respect when handling medical subrogation claims because we understand that behind every claim is a person impacted by an incident. We design our approach to minimize the burden on those already facing challenges, whether it’s one of your valued employees or their dependents who have experienced a traumatic event.

Our dedicated team, equipped with emotional intelligence, goes beyond traditional communication methods. Instead of relying solely on impersonal letters, we reach out to your members with courtesy and empathy. Using an authentic voice, we make phone contact, establish a personal connection and provide an easy alternative to cumbersome form-filling and mail responses.

We aim to give your people the emotional understanding to guide the call toward a positive outcome, helping members and dependents navigate recovery. Empathy not only ensures a thorough identification of potential claims but also significantly increases response rates from your members.

We prioritize identifying potential claims with minimal intrusion while keeping the employee’s welfare in mind. As an extension of your company, we uphold the high standards of your corporate culture and philosophy. We align with your company’s values regarding the employee experience and settlements. In unique situations, we consult your Benefits Liaison before proceeding.

At Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation, we believe in the human touch. Client and employee satisfaction are our top priorities, reflecting our commitment to delivering service that goes beyond expectations.

The Human Touch. Client and Employee Satisfaction are priority #1.

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