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At Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation, we take pride in our Medical Subrogation process approach to advanced healthcare subrogation. We know our clients expect the best, and that’s why we leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results. Our Webcollect Vengroff Williams process is seamlessly integrated throughout every step of medical subrogation recovery, from data collection to case resolution. While we rely on automation to optimize our recovery potential, our team of experienced legal professionals brings a human touch to the process. This unique combination of technology and expertise allows us to maximize medical subrogation recoveries for our clients, delivering results that are unmatched in the industry.

Member Centric Focus

At Vengroff Williams, we understand that a medical subrogation claim involves a person who has been impacted by a distressing incident. Whether it’s one of your employees or a dependent, the experience can be traumatic. That’s why we prioritize member contact throughout the claims process. When we reach out to a member, we do so on their terms. Our team is trained to approach difficult conversations with empathy and professionalism, while also respecting the member’s time. We understand that these conversations can be challenging, and we strive to make them as easy as possible for our members. At Vengroff Williams, we’re committed to putting people first. We believe that member contact is a critical aspect of the claims process, and we’ll always prioritize communication with our members to ensure that their needs are met. While we strive to reduce member contact, it can be a critical aspect of the legal claims process, and we’ll always prioritize communication that is convenient to their time.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Utilizing the latest in data analytics and modern technology, our proprietary Webcollect process utilizes a cutting-edge algorithm that starts the identification process and investigates medical and disability claims related to accidents, allowing our team of professionals to recover payments quickly and effectively. Additionally, our medical subrogation program is tailored for self-funded ERISA plans with more than 5,000 member lives and provides key insights at the outset of the claim, enabling us to initiate medical subrogation efforts immediately. Vengroff Williams considerately pairs our industry experts with the powerful resources needed to amplify results.

Advocacy For Our Clients – Consultancy Driven

Vengroff Williams provides expert consultation, plan document services, claims recovery, negotiation, and advocacy, and we work tirelessly to defend the plan and recover every dollar that is rightfully owed. Our skilled staff of attorneys and paralegals are thorough in their approach and experienced at managing every stage of healthcare subrogation. We are client-focused and constantly innovating and enhancing our methods to stay at the forefront of the industry.

DISCOVER – RECOVER: Zero Upfront Cost

With over a billion dollars RECOVERed for clients, Vengroff Williams is second to none in finding missed medical subrogation opportunities. Our closed file audit methodology reviews closed claims based upon characteristics, descriptors, and ICD-10 codes. We can DISCOVER money by digging deeper than anyone in the industry, and routinely find indicators of trauma that often yield RECOVERable situations. Our clients include some of the largest and most influential companies in America, and if you are a self-funded ERISA plan with more than 5,000 lives insured, we guarantee that we will find money that others have missed. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to providing the best possible service, and our contingency fee-based program ensures zero upfront cost to you.

Administrator Agnostic =

$1B dollars recovered for our clients

$1 Billion

Vengroff Williams is “Administrator Agnostic” which eliminates the risk of disconnection by providing one point of contact for all the Plan’s medical subrogation needs. Vengroff Williams coordinates with the corporation medical plan administrator, the disability carriers, and the pharmacy benefits provider to consolidate medical, self-funded disability, and prescription drug expenses into one claim! With over $1 billion dollars recovered for clients, Vengroff Williams drives results by protecting the health plan assets and giving the employer Plan control of all medical subrogation claims. Contact Us

“We are much more comfortable with Vengroff Williams. Subrogation claims are a legal matter. It was difficult to follow our claims through our administrator’s vendor. Now, I always know our claims are being handled properly, no matter what administrators we use.”

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