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Medical medical subrogation is one of the overlooked aspects of the healthcare recovery industry. Billions of dollars are paid out on behalf of plan members by self-funded health plans each year.

In situations where a member was injured due to the fault of another, there may be recoverability. Plan members who have slipped, tripped, been in a car crash, had a workers’ compensation claim, or were otherwise harmed may have a situation where medical subrogation is applicable. Far too often these recoverable moments are overlooked by busy case managers, administrators, or outdated processes.

Traditional medical subrogationcompanies utilize antiquated methods to try and determine if there is potential subrogation.

In many instances requests for assistance from plan members are simply ignored. At Vengroff Williams we utilize state of the art technology, and a proprietary algorithm to identify what others miss.

We are so confident that we will identify and recover you money that we don’t charge for our closed file audits!

Consider the possibility of finding millions of dollars, or more, from a simple engagement with Vengroff Williams.

Our process takes into account all facets of every single claim presented by members, and takes a deep dive into both the ICD-10 and CPT codes to parse out highly granular information that is indicative of any potential liability situations from which we can identify tortfeasors.

We further utilize advanced technology to sort through mountains of index, claim, and legal information to determine if a plan member is pursuing damages for which the plan was not informed but is entitled to recovery.

Whether you are self-administered, using an outside administrator or even have an existing third party medical subrogation vendor in place, we will find money that you are entitled to that is being overlooked.

Since 1989 we have recovered over $1 billion dollars for our clients!

Vengroff Williams will audit claims data for NO COST because we are so confident that we will find money. To date, we have recovered over $1 billion dollars for our clients!

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