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Continuity - Turning gears iconMedical Subrogation Continuity. Some claims can linger for years before resolving, and maintaining a connection with them is vital for your organization’s sustained success. At Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation, we prioritize continuity across all aspects of your losses to ensure that your organization remains well-positioned to reap the benefits over the long haul. Our experienced staff will diligently manage your open liability claims despite internal and external changes through a cohesive medical subrogation program that consistently exceeds your expectations.

Consolidation for Efficiency

Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation goes beyond providing continuity; we streamline and consolidate all health plan costs into a single claim. Acting as the central point of contact for all aspects of your claims, we collaborate with your disability administrators and pharmacy management vendors to capture and maximize recoveries.

Strategic Coordination

Our team identifies opportunities for coordinating benefits, effectively shifting costs back to the appropriate payer. Whether it’s Workers’ Comp-related or covered under no-fault, PIP, or other insurance coverage, Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation reports back to the health plan, highlighting costs that could be the responsibility of another payer. This proactive approach prevents unnecessary fund payouts, which are equivalent to recovering money for your organization.

Consolidated Continuous Reporting for Insight

Gain powerful insight into each open, recovery, pending, and closed claim with Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation’s range of standard reports. Available monthly or quarterly, these reports can be customized and organized by business units, administrators, geographical areas, or any other criteria, providing cost-saving insights into your health plan. Stay informed and stay in control with Vengroff Williams Medical Subrogation. Contact Us

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