Is Your Health Plan Leaking Revenue?

What is Revenue Leakage? Defined: Revenue Leakage is the unintended and unnoticed loss of revenue from an organization. Leaking revenue can occur through expenditures such as overpayments, duplicate payments and other instances where there is a responsible party who is not being pursued. Revenue Leakage also occurs from under-billing on the AR side of an organization. Is… Read more »

What is Subrogation?

What is Subrogation? Subrogation is where a service provider, known as a subrogation carrier steps into the shoes of an original party to recover any/all legal rights, remedies and recoveries, such as medical costs that were originally paid by another party, such as a benefits plan. Another way to ask the question is “what is… Read more »

Equitable Subrogation, Flaming Batons and Your Health Plan

Simple isn’t Necessarily Equitable in Subrogation Your company takes out ad space on a banner in the town parade, to be carried by kids from the local high school.  Although not accounted for in your marketing budget, a flaming baton to be thrown in the air by the marching students burns many spectators who in… Read more »