Vengroff Williams Inc. Coordinates Next Chapter for The Child Protection Center

Community Outreach The Child Protection Center, Inc. (CPC) receives funding and in-kind donations for the demolition and removal of their hazardous storage building. These efforts coordinated by Vengroff Williams, Inc. President, John Antonucci have allowed the CPC to keep budgets allocated to vital programming. The Child Protection Center While taking a tour of the Sarasota… Read more »

What Your Health Plan Says About You

Health Plan Responsibilities First, when it comes time to craft a health plan or revisit the current plan’s language every 2 years or so, it’s important to keep in mind the guiding principles of your organization. Think about your corporate philosophy. Great health plans reflect the philosophy of the organization. Have you ever heard the… Read more »

Employee Engagement and Organizational Health

Health People, Healthy Plan. Are you familiar with consumer driven health plans? He’s the scoop on Employee Engagement. Are you familiar with “consumer driven health plans”? According to Forbes Employee “Engagement is Everything.” and that the most successful companies in the world are putting massive amounts of effort to get their customer involved.  A consumer… Read more »

COVID-19 and Your Health Plan

What Should I Know? Employers that self-fund their health care benefits could see costs jump by as much as 7% this year as a result of testing and treatment costs related to COVID-19, according to an actuarial analysis by Willis Towers Watson. The new Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed enacted in March, requires insurance plans to… Read more »

Is Your Health Plan Leaking Revenue?

What is Revenue Leakage? Defined: Revenue Leakage is the unintended and unnoticed loss of revenue from an organization. Leaking revenue can occur through expenditures such as overpayments, duplicate payments and other instances where there is a responsible party who is not being pursued. Revenue Leakage also occurs from under-billing on the AR side of an organization. Is… Read more »

What is Subrogation?

What is Subrogation? Subrogation is where a service provider, known as a subrogation carrier steps into the shoes of an original party to recover any/all legal rights, remedies and recoveries, such as medical costs that were originally paid by another party, such as a benefits plan. Another way to ask the question is “what is… Read more »

Equitable Subrogation, Flaming Batons and Your Health Plan

Simple isn’t Necessarily Equitable in Subrogation Your company takes out ad space on a banner in the town parade, to be carried by kids from the local high school.  Although not accounted for in your marketing budget, a flaming baton to be thrown in the air by the marching students burns many spectators who in… Read more »